What’s up, kiddos !
Now I really need to stop playing Borderlands, Handsome Jack’s voice is in my head now for good (I know how it feels, Rhys)
The idea is simple, you input English and get 1337 speak as the output.
The inspiration for this app came from the awesome web comic Drugs & Wires of the great cyberjunkie author CryoClaire. Particularly the poster on the wall in one episode that stated “Less meat – More 1337” made me smile in a nostalgic mood.
if you don’t know what 1337 is, you can get educated about it here 

For those of you who are longing for the good old dial-up internet times, here are some screenshots of my app.It’s almost ready, just missing a few features. At least it has bugs 🙂

Here’s the Main activity screen
I’ve been struggling to decide, to hide the keyboard by default or to show it.Let it be hidden for now.
The Spinner can help you choose the 1337 vocabulary for the translation :


The Standard 1337 (just saw it’s named wrong in the spinner, damn!) looks like this .The share button opens the IntentChooser passing the Inputted text as well as the translation, while the Copy button copies only the translation in the clipboard.


The Advanced version which distorts the text even more :

The drawer is from Design Support library, it will give access to the My Favs fragment (favorites translations that a user can star, just like in Google Translate), the My Sets fragment (Where the user can compose his own set of the 1337 alphabet), and some standard things like Settings, About and Donate.

Oh and one more thing, since the icon is mainly the same reddish color as the Toolbar, it got lost in the Recents screen (much like Google+ app icon blends in the recent), so I decided to provide a different icon for this usage :

This is the code to achieve this :

    Bitmap recentsIcon = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.ic_recents);
    int primaryColor = ContextCompat.getColor(this, R.color.colorPrimary);
    ActivityManager.TaskDescription description = new ActivityManager.TaskDescription(null, recentsIcon, primaryColor );

Yep, stackoverflow to the rescue, again 🙂

Hope I can get it up and running in the PlayStore before my birthday, sort of a self-present 🙂